Suicide And Why It Happens

I just received news that a childhood friend of mine committed suicide last weekend. He was a genuine, caring, and brilliant man and may his soul be blessed and healed.

“The World Health Organization estimates that each year approximately 1 million people die from suicide, that’s one death every 40 seconds. It is predicted that by 2020 the rate of death will increase to one every 20 seconds. ”

“There is one death for every 25 suicide attempts.”

Although, suicide may seem reserved for the hopelessly depressed, if you read my article The Mechanics Behind Depression, you will see that it is more widespread yet elusive than presumed.

Triggers VS. Underlying Problems: Divorce, relationship issues, death of loved ones, and loneliness are typically triggers, but not quite the underlying problem.

In the case of suicide there are many biochemical markers to identify these ill bodies.  Making it a whole body issue, rather than just a ‘mental’ problem. There is almost always a way to prevent suicide and prevent and heal depression. It requires following the correct nutrition program and making precise lifestyle changes.

According to Dr.Lawrence Wilson, regularly associated biochemical abnormalities include metabolism malfunction, heavy metal toxicity, and brain malfunction. All of these are deep seated physiological problems in the foundation of suicidal thoughts.

The root cause of suicidal thoughts:

The issue of heavy metal poisoning is common in all people. Not only are they abundant in our environment, but they are passed down in utero from generation to generation. The difference of how this affects each person is the level of exposure and condition of their health.

An excess of nickle, which is an extremely deadly heavy metal, is a consistent finding in suicidal thought cases. Nickel can be found in jewelry, guitar strings, batteries, coins, stainless steel cooking and eating utensils, tobacco, dental braces, other dental wires and metals such as for partials dentures and flippers, dental crowns, hydrogenated vegetable oils, contaminated alcoholic beverages, margarines and imitation whipped cream, commercial peanut butter, vegetable shortening, bathroom fixtures, unrefined grains and cerial, oysters, herring, and all teas especially roobios tea or red tea.

Dr.Wilson (of refers to nickle particularly as the ‘suicidal thought mineral.’ Reducing exposure and eliminating this metal with a proper nutrition program is necessary for healing.

Another significant factor would be the issue of low vitality and inability to detox. This is also very common with people today. It means the body is low in energy, it is like driving your car on E all the time. When our energy is low it inhibits our ability to adapt to certain situations and move through them. This relates to and impairs our liver and kidneys.

Low vitality indicators would be regular use of coffee, sugar, carbohydrates, skipping meals, smoking weed, drinking alcohol, staying up late, negative thinking, low self-esteem, putting others down, sometimes paranoia, and listening to loud music.

Structural damage is also common in suicidal thoughts. Sometimes the brain is misaligned within the skull, this can cause impaired thinking. Misalignment of the spine and hips is a factor as well.

So,  you can see that a suicidal person is actually in a great deal of physical pain and the body feels almost like a prison because of these physical ailments. They are often invisible to the doctors and even the person being affected, because they don’t know what to look for.

A proper nutrition program and precise lifestyle changes can correct these problems.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide,  go to and find someone to help you immediately


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