My Detoxing Journey (Pt 1)

I once read in a health blog, “you have to be as strong as a navy seal to do nutritional balancing” In my experience this is absolutely true. Although,  I believe you have to be just as strong to not support the body, yet continue on your path.

The program that I am on is a variation of Nutritional Balancing as taught by Dr Lawrence Wilson. The other half of my foundation is based off the work of a Renouned local Houston nutritionist. 

I believe that it is not only in my ability to comprehend the magnificent work of these two brilliant doctors, but in honoring my own innate brilliance on this path that I am able to pioneer a way of being for myself that establishes wholeness and hence healing.

In the words of Bruce Lee,  “I didn’t learn it,  I found the cause of my ignorance. I cannot teach you,  only help you to explore yourself.”

Mr. Lee was an embodiment of transcending illness, or rather,  transcending the needless and excessive structures of physical life. The structures that tell us we are incapable,  that we are lacking,  that we have to struggle to achieve,  the ones that tell us our lives are fleeting and feeble,  that give way to duality. All of these beliefs  are mazes for the mind that inevitably intrapt the spirit of a person and results in illness of the body and psychology of a person.

While most people allow themselves to get schooled by these material world laws, Bruce said,  “Without system,  without method, what’s there to teach?” He therefore, by not subjecting himself to the structures, made himself unconquerable to them.

It’s important to remember that we are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience.  With that in mind we don’t have to tirelessly subject ourselves to material world systems and methods, such as illness and duality. Instead,  there are far less “rules of life”. This opens us up to our whole state of being, the one that creates instead of ruthlessly adapting.

This, I believe,  was an important lesson Mr.Lee had to help the world explore.

There beholds the greatness of a proper nutritional program, because within it, are modalities to support detoxification.  When we begin to clean up our energies and get rid of what we don’t need anymore,  there will come a time when we have to face this reality and make a decision, perhaps a change for the better.

There is much more to say about the significance of detoxification and how it works in conjunction with our mental, emotional, and spiritual lives.


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