My Detoxing Journey- Disillusionment (pt. 2)

This article is meant to explain how disillusionment is associated with health and development.

The way that disillusionment is used in this article has nothing to do with becoming depressed. It is simply realization of truth after following ignorance, a non truth, a preconceived judgement, or a deliberate lie. It is a term to express letting go of disease, illness, and negativity while grounding yourself in the present moment of health, truth, and integrity.

Moreover, disillusionment, or knowing the truth over a lie, would not cause depression as some say, but joy and good health.


It is imperative to understand that health in the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects all correspond to each other and they are never to be separated. By a general rule, all of life is interconnected and as something happens in one area there are always changes in all the other areas, even if it seems unrelated.

For example: in order to get healthy again a person may start cooking all their own meals while avoiding bad foods and restaurants. This is going to have a physical reaction of drastically improved health. Because of all the vitamins and minerals now being utilized, not only will the function of the organs improve, but also the persons mental state and personality will heal itself of trauma and clarify.  Another example of a mental reaction would be that the person learns many skills, including self discipline and perseverance, which are tools that can then be used to accomplish other goals in the persons life. The spiritual reaction can vary depending on the person’s level of development- they could gain a better relationship with God after having asked for guidance and support to overcome the difficulties of cooking all their own meals.

The other spiritual realization in this example is that of disillusionment- the person realized that eating the presumably glamorous foods at restaurants isn’t actually ‘exciting’ and ‘fulfilling’. They would see that eating precise homecooked healthy meals is the real key to an exciting and fulfilling life.

The premise here is that a fulfilling life doesn’t come from satisfying every whim for eating out or eating junk food that you have. Instead, a fulfilling life comes from your improved health and the knowledge and wisdom you gain by knowing the ingredients in your food, where they come from, and how they react in your body. It comes when you understand that your choice of food makes a political and economic stand that effects the lives of everyone around you.

Some groups who are interested in developing and getting healthier are usually more focused on one aspect- either physical, mental, or spiritual. This is unfortunate, because if they cultivated everything as a whole it would far surpass their intended results.

This is apparent in some of the fitness community including martial arts, where they may put significant effort into exercising and developing technique, will power, and self discipline. Unfortunately, it’s common even among them to either not put much thought into the proper diet or just to have faulty information about what right nutrition is and how it works.

Many don’t realize that not having the proper diet is directly setting limits on just how good of a martial artist you may be.

The reason for this comes in a plethora of examples, including:

  • The vitamin and mineral balance it takes to enable your neocortex to function- the part of your brain responsible for strategic thinking. The strategic thinking necessary in a combat situation.
  • The very precise substances your dna needs to methylate properly- the process needed to give you energy and stanima.
  • Activation of certain Neuro transmitters and hormones that allow you to enjoy what you are doing and gives you the will to preserve through hard times.

Your body needs minerals to function properly. The majority of food in the average grocery store is lacking in minerals and high in heavy metals and man made chemicals/toxins.

The toxins in our food are not only causing cancer, heart disease, liver disease and other physical ailments, but they are the cause of mental disorders as well- add, adhd, Aspergers, depression, anxiety, Alzheimers, schizophrenia, suicidal tendencies, bipolar disorder, and all others.

However, a vital key that we need to know in todays world is that someone doesn’t suddenly jump from healthy to a disease. That is why preventative care and maintenance is necessary.

Another important key is that your personality reflects directly what state of health your physical body is in. If you are a calm, rational, and patient person- you can attribute that to your body chemisty and your mineral balance. If you change your body chemistry and mineral balance through your diet, you may also change some of these personality traits.

In conclusion, disillusionment is about grounding yourself and taking responsibility for all that you behold.

And of course,  as a general rule, the physical, mental, and spiritual are always going to effect eachother and they should never be separated.