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    Understanding Wing Chun Posture 

    I’ve noticed some precise changes in both the physical body and some aspects of the vital body from training in the Wing Chun posture. Even though I’m still working on perfecting and understanding it, I’ll share some of my findings so far.


    From D.1 below, We can see that our objective is to pull the body downwards towards the ground and pull the head up as if held by a string though the top of the head.

    One significant factor of this is in the intentional downward movement of energy, opposed to it moving up the body, across the body, or just stagnant. As far as the head is concerned, the “string theory” (lol) is a way of elongating the spine and bringing more energy in through the top of the head so a large quantity of it can be gathered and distributed down. The tailbone forward means “sitting in horse” which is also encouraging downward movement.

    Downward flow is paramount in a healthy body. All meditations and activities should encourage this flow through and towards the center of the earth (grounding). Any upwards or sideways movement is ungrounding and unhealthy for the body.

    Diagram 1


    Below explains another important detail of sitting in horse and putting the head on a string, which is to promote relaxation.

    We have two nervous systems that directly influence our adaptive energy . The parasympathetic is related to resting, digestion, and sex. When activated we have the ability to think our clearest and to act in a logical and calm manner. Our hormones and cells can function optimally here as well.

    In contrast, the sympathetic nervous system is our fight or flight response. It raises adrenaline to peak levels and cuts off the parasympathetic state and all its advantages.

    As you can see the parasympathetic nerve connections are at the very base of the spine and the very top of the spine. Both of which seem to be activated when sitting in horse and raising the head as if on a string.

    Diagram 2



    The next diagram is an acupuncture meridian chart.

    Lets locate the GV, governing vessel. It can be found at the top of the head on the front. It is the thickest black line running directly vertical through the center. The back looks identical, but it’s suppose to be called the CV, Conception Vessel. They are like male and female counterparts or yin and yang complementary opposite forces of nature.

    I wanted to make a note that the GV is considered the most vital and foundational vessel to develop in acupuncture and meditative arts… And if you see this as the “center line” as in Wing Chun, then it is there as well.

    Some things the GV is known for is its ability to direct energy to different channels in the body and to nourish the organs. Interestingly, it is also know as defensive energy used to strengthen, shield, and cover the body.

    On lieske.com/channels/5e-gc.htm  They suggest a position of “Holding the tongue against the roof of the mouth connects the Governing and Conception vessels, and forms what is known as the Small Heavenly Circle, or the Microcosmic Orbit. When the tip of the tongue touches the upper palate in the mouth and the anal sphincter is squeezed.  Not only does this action complete the balance of Fire (Heart) and Water (Kidneys) energy, it also increases the body’s protective Wei Qi.”

    As far I know, this is not a technique in Wing Chun, but I wonder if it ever was? I am definitely going to start incorporating this into my practice and see what I can get out of it.

    Diagram 3


    Lastly there is turning on the heels while in proper posture, where there is yet even more emphasis on activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

    Using a foot reflexology chart, we can see that the base of the spine, the sex organs , and the top of the head are super imposed on the heel.

    In reflexology, which ever  part of the foot is having pressure put on it is going to move energy to that correlated structure in the body. So, turning on your heels in Wing Chun largely activates a phenomenon of downward relaxing energy, especially when paired with the other techniques.

    Diagram 4


    There is still much to say about this.

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    My Detoxing Journey (Pt 1) 

    I once read in a health blog, “you have to be as strong as a navy seal to do nutritional balancing” In my experience this is absolutely true. Although,  I believe you have to be just as strong to not support the body, yet continue on your path.

    The program that I am on is a variation of Nutritional Balancing as taught by Dr Lawrence Wilson. The other half of my foundation is based off the work of a Renouned local Houston nutritionist. 

    I believe that it is not only in my ability to comprehend the magnificent work of these two brilliant doctors, but in honoring my own innate brilliance on this path that I am able to pioneer a way of being for myself that establishes wholeness and hence healing.

    In the words of Bruce Lee,  “I didn’t learn it,  I found the cause of my ignorance. I cannot teach you,  only help you to explore yourself.”

    Mr. Lee was an embodiment of transcending illness, or rather,  transcending the needless and excessive structures of physical life. The structures that tell us we are incapable,  that we are lacking,  that we have to struggle to achieve,  the ones that tell us our lives are fleeting and feeble,  that give way to duality. All of these beliefs  are mazes for the mind that inevitably intrapt the spirit of a person and results in illness of the body and psychology of a person.

    While most people allow themselves to get schooled by these material world laws, Bruce said,  “Without system,  without method, what’s there to teach?” He therefore, by not subjecting himself to the structures, made himself unconquerable to them.

    It’s important to remember that we are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience.  With that in mind we don’t have to tirelessly subject ourselves to material world systems and methods, such as illness and duality. Instead,  there are far less “rules of life”. This opens us up to our whole state of being, the one that creates instead of ruthlessly adapting.

    This, I believe,  was an important lesson Mr.Lee had to help the world explore.

    There beholds the greatness of a proper nutritional program, because within it, are modalities to support detoxification.  When we begin to clean up our energies and get rid of what we don’t need anymore,  there will come a time when we have to face this reality and make a decision, perhaps a change for the better.

    There is much more to say about the significance of detoxification and how it works in conjunction with our mental, emotional, and spiritual lives.

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